Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unexpected twist....

We have just received an email and then followed up with a phone call to Mommy Nurse confirming that Lucky Store is no longer affiliated with the orphanage. This means that we will be living at the actual orphanage in a room probably surrounded by the children. I don't know if we will have bed, a toilet, or a shower room. We will only know more of the actual living situation when we get there. Please hope for patience and a sense of humor for us while we are there....we will need it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Melissa and Lucky during our visit in summer 2008

Me with Eva, Kyla with Sammy, and Melissa with Perpetua...we had a sleepover with these munchkins!

Kojo Atta, this little man was one a triplet but is now a twin. He has stolen my heart forever.

Sweet Mama Akos

Captian playing in the dirt right after his bath

Part of the orphanage, this building is mainly used as sleeping quarters, where the children all sleep on the floor with no bedding and fire ants eating at them all night.

Where we sleep at the volunteer compoud called "Lucky Store"

Our toilet at Lucky Store

The front of Lucky Store

The common area of Lucky Store