Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello from Ghana! I have made it to Bawjiase safe and sound. I had a wonderfully uneventful flight and Melissa and Kim were waiting outside the airport to pick me up. We paid an arm and a leg for a taxi to take us to the orphanage but it was worth it because it was dark when we arrived and safety is not the greatest when traveling at night. The internet cafe in our village has been down for some time now it seems. Today We have traveled into the next villlage Kasoa to go to the market and to get internet. I am sorry to say I think blogging might be few and far between. I will do my best.

Oh how life here is different than last time. We are staying in a room at the orphanage and I think I have maybe slept 8 hours between the two nights I have been here. Our room has windows which make the 4am wake up call too early for me but impossible to sleep through. Not to mention There are two bunkbeds in the room and because I came last Mel and Kim had already taken the bottom bunk so I am up top in the heat. Ugh. The mosquito net is about 2 feet from my face and it scares me everytime I wake up! Ha! Today is the first day we have had electricity in our building. Something happened to it last week and the electrician came this morning. We were sleeping with no fan. Those who know me well know I cannot get a wink of sleep without a fan in the room but tonight should be better. I think I will move my mattress to the floor and sleep there....I guess ill just ignore the bugs.

The kids are wonderful. Dora is walking and talking which is just amazing to me. She sure is spoiled though. The youngest baby is 2 months and she is just the sweetest thing. She doesnt have a name yet, they told me to name her so I named her Ruby! I love it but we are the only ones who call her that. Oh well. It has been so great for me to slow life down a little. I forget to take a breather sometimes and that is just what I am doing here. It feels so good to be here and get back to whats important in life. These kids are my everything and keep me grounded. My heart is a peace here. I think I may stay forever!m It is only day two so I dont have too much to say but we need to hurry and get to the foriegn exchange before they close and then we have a tro tro ride to get home. Fun. We are trying to go to the beach tomorrow but between the soccer game and the rain it might not work out. I will try to update again soon.

Love to all from Ghana


Matt a.k.a. Snoop said...

Glad to hear you made it safely. It is too bad there are not more people in this world like you Alexandra. :)

The Adventures of Alexandra said...

I know! It really is a crying shame. Kinda pointless if nobody is reading huh? Thanks for caring Snoop dog!