Monday, July 19, 2010

Another day almost over :(

I dont have much to report on so ill just ramble on a bit! The weekend was good, didn't do much that I can remember. The days all seem to go together over here, half the time I dont even know what day of the week it is but I knew it was the weekend because the kids weren't in school and therefor were running around crazy. Maren and I have been battling some sort of ailment although its affecting her much more than me. Shes German and is also a nurse but doesn't like taking medication. I'm all for that except when it involves me being in a third world country and having stomach cramps. No way Jose. Bring on the antibiotics! She has never once in her life taken anything for pain. No Advil, no Tylenol, no nothing. I think that's great but I would have jumped off a cliff a long time ago. I also know with the body I have a get the weirdest infections and sicknesses that I just shouldn't take my chances. So today I feel great while she is just starting to get better. I love medicine.

I got bored today after getting the kids off to school so I went to clean up my room and fell asleep. I took the most blissful nap I have had in a long time. You know, the one where you wake up and you think maybe its the middle of the night but its light out still and you have a few moments of confusion. This whole time I have been ultra tired during the days because I have had kids and babies sleeping in my room every night. I wake up a trillion times during the night to check on them and make sure they're still breathing and they're not cold. I'm honestly up about every 45 minutes checking on them. Obsessed, I know. At least I learned that when I become a mother I cant have my kids sleep in the same room as me or I would never sleep. Anyway I decided to walk to town to check the post office and to get something to eat because lunch today was fried plantains and beans, which makes me gag at just the scent. I was followed into town by about 8 school girls. So annoying. I hate being such a spectacle. Walking down the street people yell and hiss. Yes they actually hiss at me. They do it to each other too but I just have a hard time responding to someone hissing at me! I only wanted to walk to town, not get everyone all in a fuss because my skin is white. So I got to the Internet and the lights were off. I waited. And waited. And waited. I decided to head down to the post office because I still need to send mt postcards and Kim's boyfriend sent a package that hasn't arrived yet so I wanted to check that too. Of course the postmaster wont know if anything came until tomorrow. Why tomorrow? I will never know. What time tomorrow? Funny you should ask, I asked the same thing. The answer: before they close. Oh whats that? When do they close tomorrow? Whenever he is done checking the packages, of course! Oh Lord. So anyway I came back to the cafe to sit and wait for the lights to come on because I really don't have much to do today, I started to fall asleep when I heard a familiar voice says "Who is that I am seeing?" it was a teacher that we became friends with last time we were here but he has since left the orphanage! Dennis kept me company and now the lights are on and all is well again. Except I'm hungry, but that's nothing new. I want a burger! haha

I went to my first Ghanaian funeral this weekend. It was for the sister of the old driver of the orphanage. Follow that?! I was actually really dissapointed because funerals here are always such wild parties that last for days and days. Come to find out this lady was Muslim, and quite frankly her funeral was so uneventful, it hurt. I know thats terrible to say but I was really excited to get to experience something culturally different. I guess it was kinda interesting. The normal funerals here take place at least a week or two after the person dies because there is so much planning to do. This one took place two days after and they held the body at the house and her friends and daughter helped prepare her for burial. Her brother and the other men were the ones that had to dig the hole at the cemetery but I somehow think its not really sad for them, its more of just the way it is. Anyway we all sat around and waited and waited and waited until some men came and put her in a casket and took her away. The women aren't allowed to be a part of the funeral at all. Dumb. We were then invited to the mosque that they were praying for her at. I knew it was a Muslim funeral so I choose a long black dress that is strapless but I brought along one of my Ghanaian clothes to wrap around my shoulders which I was so thankful for because I then wrapped it around my head so none of my hair was showing and they really appreciated that. The men went inside to pray and the women sat outside. We could see in through the windows but women must not be allowed inside. The men were being fed traditional food and candy while we sat and watched them eat. I was SO hungry! I just thought that was sooo awful that the women just sit and watch and cant take part in anything. I was so hungry I actually had to get up and leave! So that was fun I guess. It was really sad because the daughter of the lady who died is Christian so they wouldn't even let her see her mother in the coffin or know where she is buried. She had a hard time understanding and it was hard to watch her heartbreak in front of my eyes.

The other American left yesterday so its just Maren and I and then she will be the lone obruni come Thursday. I cant believe I have to leave here. I am just soaking it all up while I can. My flight leaves the airport here at 940 am Thursday so I will have to leave the orphanage around 430 am! It will still be dark but I have been assured by many people that it is safe. I have no worries. Well thats all for now folks! Have a great day back home!


Anonymous said...

Hey honey bear,

I'm sad for you that you are leaving, but happy for everyone here that you are coming home. You are very missed here in Corvy. Thank you so much for sharing your life in Ghana with us. You have really opened my eyes to what is going on and how much change one person can bring about in the world. I hope you realize how brave and wonderful you are. Reading about everything you have done makes me feel so lazy and selfish in comparison. I worry about not getting the expensive new gadgets I want, while these babies literally struggle to survive. Your story brings the reality of what pain and loss truly is. Also, you show how beautiful happiness can be without physical things attached to it. I hope that one day I can feel what it’s like to truly give back and create a change in someone else’s life. Thank you so much for giving me some perspective in my world of over-indulgence. I can’t wait to see you again and talk about everything you have been though and how I can possibly help change one of your baby’s lives.

Love you bug,

-Jesse Martinez

Anonymous said...

I spent some of yesterday looking at your photos on facebook of the kids there in ghana. I showed jeremys mother and she was just amazed that you are there helping. I'ts such a good thing you do.
I want to spend some time with you when you get back. I know you still have a ton to do so I will wait for you to settle in and come when you need me. (if you need me)
It's so weird you are already coming back. i feel like you just left.
try not to get so depressed, i know its hard but just keep telling yourself that you will be back. because i know you will be. ghana is part of your life forever and i know you wont give up on everyone there.

have safe travels please! i dont like you leaving in the dark but i know there isnt any other way. just watch out! haha.
have fun for the rest of the time you have there and i cant wait for you to tell me all the stories.

p.s i went to your parents house this weekend and talked with kim and mel and of course tucker and jacky. it was wonderful.

-see you soooon


Anonymous said...

Obruni look at you!!! I´m at work and thinking of Ghana. I just google Bawjiase and found these blog!
How are you? How is Melissa? I just came from Ghana. I´ve stayed there for 2 weeks to see my husband.
Hope to see you again.
Take care and greetings to Melissa.