Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I finally have some time to write and a keyboard in english that makes life oh so simple! We are in Dublin Ireland today, and oh boy is it amazing! Amsterdam was great, everything that you can imagine seeing and doing there we did it. The weather was great the first two days and then so so from then on. My favorite part was the Anne Frank house. It was crazy to think that we were in the actual house she hid out in. Such a powerful museum. So Amsterdam was great, expensive but great. We walked EVERYWHERE and spent the majority of the time figuring how to get from point A to B. Boy am I glad Ryan Air had a 35 lb weight limit on us or I would have to have a back replacement by the time I got home. At the Airport I checked in at 34 lbs and now im somewhere around 39 lbs. Weird. We have only stayed in one place for more than one night once and it was a campground. Joy. It was really nice if we had planned on going camping, but we didnt. Oh well it was better than sleeping at the airport like we did last night! That was interesting. I think we all walked away with a good 25 minutes of sleep last night after laying the entire contents of our packs for padding to sleep on. Brussels is officially on my list of cities to never visit again. There was hardly a thingt to do there and everybody spoke french. We even had a hard time ordering food because we were afriad of what we might get. The waffles are good. We decided they eat them as more of a snack than a meal, they are filled with a cinnamon sugar type filling and serve them piping hot! YUM! After paying an arm and a leg we ate two pieces of Belgium chocolate and spent the rest of the day trying to find the bus that would take us out of that stinky dirty place.

Now on to IRELAND! It is more amazing than I ever could have imagined! Our flight got in at 8am and we have all already fallen in love. Ireland is wet. We have been rained on all day long. Soaking wet. Im not just talking showers here and there, im talking all the time. It is still so beautiful. We walked around all day today looking at castles and churches. There is so much history here that it could quite possibly make your head explode. The people here are wonderful and so helpful and it helps that they have the cutest accents I have eevr heard!We ate lunch at a pub today and it was everything you could have imagined an irish pub to be. Totally lived up to my expectations. Tonight we are off to tour the guiness store house and im almost positive im not spelling that right but im sure you know what im talking about. We will leave early tomorrow to get our rental car and head down south to Killarney and Cork the next day! I cant wait, Im sure I have only gotten a little taste of what Ireland is like so im so excited! Oh one negative thing about all this traveling is the stupid bedbugs. They are gross. You dont see them but we all have bites and figure since there are no bugs in the air it must be from our beds. gross i know. We are all wondering where we thought we were going when we packed because we have been freezing! Melissa and I had to buy new swaetshirts and sweatpants just to get by. I think by the end of the trip they will be walking themselves all over town! Its so gross not being able to put on clean clothes but whats a girl to do? We tried to handwash some things and we totally underestimated how long it would take to dry. We ended up with mildew smells and wet clothes, exactly what I like to put on after getting out of a nice bed full of bed bugs! Either way we are cold and wet but everyone is well and everyone is still happy and thankful to be here. My time is almost up so I must go. I hope to not get so far behind next time but internet seems to be few and far between when youre on the run like us! I love you all! Cheers!


kyle said...

Your trip sounds absolutely amazing. I cant believe how much you have done already. It seems like you just left like a day or two ago lol! I cant wait to see pictures when you get back of ireland. I have always wanted to go and every picture i have seen of the country looks like a more beautiful oregon (as far as geography). Keep writing in your blog because they are so fun to read! Be Safe. Tell everyone i say hello!

Kate said...

Call me on Sunday if you can!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHH I am SOOOOOOOOOO jealous you guys are Galway Girls!!!!! Hope you have found Jerry or William!!

Natalie said...

Kate- are we still making references to that god forsaken movie even when they are half way around the world?? Wow, you guys never fail to amaze me lol