Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Lordy its hot!!!

I know I know internet twice in one week?!?! It just so happens that we walked to town to go to market so I stopped by the internet too. I am sitting in the internet cafe if you can even call it that. It is a shack with computers bigger than ive ever seen. Honestly I dont know how the internet even connects here but this is Africa so I cant complain. Today is hot. I have no idea how hot but by guessing from the amount of sweat rolling down my back I would say its somewhere between 800,000 and a million. Its humid too. Yum, swaety and sticky and no escape....my favorite. Not much has happened since I last wrote but I feel bad about not writing for almost two weeks so hopefully this makes up for it.

My days are still the same, this last weekend when we went to Accra I got sick on the tro tro ride home but thankfully I was only carsick. Everyone else here has been deathly sick lately but somehow Melissa and I are just fine. Well generally speaking we are fine, I have heat rash covering almost my whole body and with the malaria medication im on im supposed to stay out of the sun.....any suggestions for avoiding sun while in Africa would be wonderful because I cant seem to escape it!

Dora is wonderful as always, she slept for almost 3 hours today which is a new record! I had Captian again last night to sleep with me and this time the poop stayed in the diaper until morning!! I was overjoyed! I must have woken up a million times to reach over and make sure we were both dry. That little boy is a heater at night and here in Ghana that is the LAST thing I need at night! He is such a good sleeper and snuggle bunny, I would sweat all night for him.

I think I mentioned something about us having premature twins here, A boy and a girl, who were born almost 5 weeks ago and have been at the orphanage since they were one day old. Well I am sad to report that Kwame, the little boy died on Sunday. We were all shocked to hear this because he had just been to the doctor on Friday and said he was okay. I guess he was being fed and started vomiting and then stopped breathing. I think he must have choked or something. Its very sad because they are the only family to eachother that they will probably ever know. Its weird when someone dies here they go pay for a burial certificate and thats that. Nobody asks how, or why or even comes to make sure the person is actually dead. They just buried him in the bushes. Its very sad.

Funerals for older people are such a big deal here!!! Its morbid if you ask me. They hang posters of the person all over town saying EVERY detail about their live and family and when the funeral will be. Everyone dresses in black and red and they have a huge party. It is like nothing ive ever seen! People dancing and singing and screaming. They then all get in their cars and tro tro and drive up and down the one road in our village honking and screaming and banging sticks and things on the side of the car with the music blaring. They must pass through town at least 100 times. Our village, Bawjiase is mind you only about a mile long if that. Oh and they do it all hours of the night too! Interesting.

Today at market i bought some fabric to make pants with! I bought two yards for 3 Ghana cedi and I can get pants tailored to my body for 5 Ghana cedi! One Ghana Cedi is almost exactly one US dollar. What a steal!

I think thats it for me here at this internet cafe I have found. I will be interested to see if this even posts! Ha! I hope everyone is safe happy and healthy!
Love you all!


WooWoos Gramps said...

I check every day for an up date.
I just figured out how to reset my password.
Gramps is good. getting better. long way to go.
e-mail if possable and i will return one to.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about all you have been up to. We all miss you at work, but are so glad you are having such an amazing time. Thanks for keeping us updated and Take care of yourself! Jenna

Danny said...

You hope WE are safe?? Other way around I'd say. :)
Your stories are the sweetest things I have ever read. I hope Dora is well and I am sorry to read about Kwame. Leaving is going to be tough for you and I want you to know that what you are doing and the love you are spreading to those children is nothing less than beautiful selflessness. I only wish I could have this kind of experience in my lifetime.
Come home safe Ali- and take care of yourself.