Friday, August 15, 2008

Home again, home again

Hello all! After over 24 hours of travel we made it back home safe! Leaving was hard and I wasnt ready at all but now that im here I can see how much my outlook on life has changed and how much I have changed as a person. In a good way of course! 

Our last days were spent with the children, we went to the beach again on Sunday with 40 children and volunteers. We had a blast and rented two tro tros for the ride there. We all left with sunburns and heat rash but the kids had a ball! Its so fun to see pure joy on their faces. For these kids going to the beach means getting a day off work, which they never get. I cant imagine working as hard or as much as they do and they are all under the age of 14! Tuesday I ad a group of boys take us into the forest. It was so much fun its so jungle like and huge! It was very hot and humid but the kids wanted to climb up on top of this huge gill to show me so we did. Here i was thinking I was going to die of heat stroke and my feet hurt then I looked down and realized that half of them werent even wearing shoes! Their feet are tougher than leather I swear! I had a few huge fire ants crawl up my pants and down my socks and bit me a few times good and hard but we made it out alive. Those kids know their way around there so well it amazes me. Half the time there was no trail and we were in bushes taller than I am but the kids still knew where we were. Our last day I took my last walk into town to check on our flight and check the orphanage mail at the post office. Morris and Joseph went with me which was really nice to spend some time alone with them without the babies running around at our feet. When we got back to the orphanage we had lunch and packed up and then it was time to say our goodbyes. Thankfully Dora was tired so I rocked her to sleep for her afternoon nap and kissed her goodbye. I dont know if I could have done it if she was awake. We said goodbye to the kids and some of our closer kids walked us back and flagged down our tro tro for us. The girls danced and sang for us as we were leaving and everybody was waving at the driveway until we were no longer in sight. The drive to the airport was very quiet and long. I was thinking of any excuse I could come up with to not get on that plane. 

Im still very tired and in a different time zone but I know I will manage to get back to reality sooner than later. I miss Ghana and my kids with every bit of my being. I promised I would be back. I have to go back.

I will try and post some of my favorite pictures so you all can finally see what I have been talking about! Thats it for now....I need to catch up with my family before they leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning!!

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