Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obruni here!

Hello from the trusty internet cafe in Bawjiase! Totally kidding about the trusty part by the way. This cafe has not worked in a long time so we shall see if I make it through a post. Again, the screen is very hard to read so sorry in advance. What a crazy few days it has been. I forgot last time to write about the beach so here it goes....we went last Saturday and took along 16 children. It was a wild and crazy fun time. The kids were great! They loved the basketball we brought along to play soccer in the sand and we also brought some blow up floaties and such for them to play with. Other than our driver and three other men almost getting in a fight, it was a pretty uneventful good day. I learned a lesson that took me too long to learn...never trust a Ghanaian who says they are not a crazy driver. Ha. I almost lost my lunch several times but made it back in one piece.

This week has been wild, the kids have a long weekend from school so they are roaming free until Monday. Disaster. So wild there right now but we have our minds a bit preoccupied with a little girl named Perpetua. On Saturday Melissa was holding her and she felt really hot but most the kids run fevers from time to time so it wasnt a big deal. Yesterday while Pepper was eating her lunch she fell from the bench and just wasnt acting right. Her health went downhill from there. They took her into the clinic in the village here (Bawjiase) but the lab was closed so they couldnt do anything. I came to talk to Mommy Nurse around dinnertime last night and she said they needed to take her to the hospital in Swedru which is a bigger village about 35-40 minutes away. She wanted an Obruni to go with her to help pay for the treatment and to pull a little weight. I gladly accepted and ran to get my stuff. Kim decided she was up for it as well so off we went. By the time we got there Pepper had her eyes rolled in the back of her head, she was convulsing uncontrolably, and she foaming at the mouth. Not good. The people at the hospital just kinda looked at her and took their sweet time doing anything. Finally after about 10 minutes she got her temp taken. 40.5 degrees celcius. I have no idea what that is in farenheight but I do know its too hot. Then we sat in a room for almost three hours while she continued to foam at the mouth and whimper in agony. Nobody seemed to care so I jumped in. There were two nurses who were sitting in the same room as us laughing and talking like they were out to lunch and texting on their phone. Feet up on the desk and not a care in the world. I gathered the only kindness in my heart I could find for them and nicely told them that she needed attention. At this point Pepper was so stiff you could not open her fingers from a tight fist, all her muscles were in what seemed to be a charlie horse and when I went to pick her up she was flat as a board. She literally could not move. The nurses just looked at me and told me to go talk to the lab so off I went. I asked them how much longer it would be and I got the door slammed in my face. Nice. So I took it upon myself to go find the doctor of the hospital. All the kindness in my heart had been long gone and I had a conversation with the doctor. Needless to say she came to the Casualty unit where we were. Terrible name for it right? Anyway she was there within 3 minutes. She finally admitted her. We then had to take her to the childrens unit and wait another hour to get an IV. The whole time she was foaming out the mouth, convulsing, her temp has raised even higher. I was certain I was holding her for the last time. She got a few injections and the IV started and it was late so they kicked us out. They told us she needed a blood transfusion but they didnt have any blood to give her so we should go find donors. Craziest thing ive ever heard. We left with heavy hearts. After a pointless nights sleep we went back this morning to find her peacefully sleeping. The doctor said she didnt think she would make it through the night. She did. She is really weak today but she was eating and drinking which is great! The doctors and nurses have no sense of urgency, i made kim and melissa promise even if my leg was cut off to never take me to a hospital here. I will fly in the cargo bin on a plane or even take a boat. Dont. Take. Me. There. Pepper will stay until Friday or Saturday and we will go every day to buy her medications and food until she comes home. It is such a culture shock for me to be there. I have never felt a culture shock here before but after experiencing the hospital, I am beside myself. Oh and more about the blood transfusion, they said she needed it badly. I know I am A+ and the German volunteer is also A+ so Melissa bravely stepped up to be tested, she didnt know what blood type she had but it turns out she was not a candidate. She is O+. Kim didnt know what she was either and she said there was no way she would give blood there, I dont blame her. But she came around and realized it was important so she got tested too, shes A+ and she was very brave about the whole thing! So in the end the doctor changed her mind and said she didnt need one anymore anyway. I cant stand doctors here. Her official diagnoses is severe malaria and anemia. Poor girl.

Its hot today. I dont know how hot but judging by the sweat dripping down my back its around 85-90 with 100% humidity. The air is so thick the breeze offers no relief. Life is still great here in Ghana. I wouldnt trade it for the world. The kids keep my heart at peace and my hands busy.

I really dont have much else to write but I will try to write again soon. It would be great if this cafe stays working! Its only about a 25 minute walk. I most the time feel as if ill die of heat stroke but its good for me! Until next time....


Anonymous said...

I'm reading it! I'm enjoying the view of Ghana, and to hear of your adventures. I miss you tons Honey Buns, and I'm gald you're getting this experience. =D

Anonymous said...

I almost cried when reading this. Gosh it just breaks my heart that pepper had to go through that and they dont have the kind of medical care that we have. im so glad she had you there to put those people into place. it just makes me sick those girls werent giving her the attention she deserves. but i understand that's just how it is there. good for you. i can totally see you puting them in their place.
that was probably really hard for kim to get tested. i understand her not wanting to but i bet being there was probably too hard for her to say no. i would just be an emotional wreck after seeing such a sweet little kid going through that. i hope you stay strong. you did awesome. you have proven why you are there, and why they need you.

A little update:

Lilly learned how to swim. i cried because i wasnt there. she is so big i cant even believe it.

Cooper turns 2 July 5th!! we are going to the coast to celebrate. ( im a nerd i know but hes so old!)

Jer has been talking about joining the army and i told him he was crazy. haha.

that's it for now. keep blogging. im loving it.
love you!


Anonymous said...


You are so strong, I have no idea how you are able to go through something like that and remain positive. You are really an inspiration. Don't forget that yourself and the babies are always in my prayers. I wish I could give little Pepper a hug and tell her everything is going to be ok, Ali to the rescue!!

Much love,


GRAMPS said...

you are my girl allie, give those Babies all the love you can, sounds like that might be all they ever get. love you take care of your self. Hello to mellissa and i love you both. gramps. guess ing you will have a HOT 4TH OF JULY !LOL.

K8 the GR8 said...

Ali I am soooo happy you are posting. It sounds like things are a bit crazier over there then before. I hope everything settles down and you guys just get to enjoy the babies and have some fun. Thinking of you always and prayign that you are safe! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for what you are doing over there, and thank you big time for keeping us all updated. I love reading your stories.
Love for Newport
Lacey :)